Fat Quarter Frenzy

For every fat quarter you bring to the guild meeting your name goes into a drawing to win 6-8 fat quarters (e.g. bring in 5 fat quarters get 5 entries to win).

Each month will be a different color.

You may bring as many fat quarters as you like.

The number of winners will be determined by the number of entries. Drop them off at the start of the meeting or during break, at the end of the break the winners will be drawn.

A fat quarter is approximately 18" X 22".

To participate, members bring in a fat quarter that fits the color for the month. A drawing is held. The winners receive a portion of the fat quarters collected. Themes for 2018 are:

  • January: Yellow fabrics
  • February: Orange fabrics
  • March: Green fabrics
  • April: Blue fabrics
  • May: White fabrics
  • June: Black fabrics
  • July: Purple fabrics
  • August: Red fabrics
  • September: Pink fabrics
  • October: Brown fabrics
  • November: Grey fabrics
  • December: No December 2018 meeting