Meetings will be held at one of the following locations. Please see the Calendar to find the meeting location for a specific date.

WestGate Church
1735 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129

Westhope Church
12850 Saratoga Avenue (just north Cox Ave.)
San Jose, CA 95129

Guest Speakers

Each of our meetings features a special program. We bring in well-known quilters and textile artists from across the country to share their techniques and inspiration with us. This is a great way to get new, exciting ideas for revitalizing your quilt projects.

Current Speakers and past speakers.

Current Speakers


Monday, July 18 -- NOTE: This meeting is at Branham High School. See the Calendar for a map.
Jerry Granata

Monday, August 22
Rod Kiracofe

Monday, September 26
Carol Ziogas

Monday, October 24
Lisa Boni

Monday, November 21
Nancy Amidon

Monday, December 19
Holiday Party

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Past Speakers


Rob Appell, Maria Shell, Freddy Moran, Velda Newman, Rachel Clark, Sujata Shah, Jerry Granata,


Katie Pasquini Masopust, Nancy Bavor, Cristy Fincher, Jan Soules, Cindy Needham, Peggie Martin, Sandra Bruce, Tracy Brookshier, Thom Atkins, Valerie Goodwin


Therese May, Mary Tabar, Joe Cunningham, Sherry Werum, Cara Gulati, Maggie Ball, Ann Shaw, Sherri Lynn Wood, Sue Benner, Rita Hutchens, Melody Crust


Vicki Johnson, Mary Mashuta, Marcia Stein, Colleen Granger, Susan Else, Marion Coleman, Merle Axelrad, Kathy McNeil, Judy Sisneros, Tonye Belinda Phillips, Cathie Hoover


Sonya Lee Barrington, Purses by Design, Mike McNamara, Karla Alexander, Rosemary Eichorn, Anelie Beldon, Terry Waldron, Christine Barnes, Deb Karasik, Marie Strait, Rami Kim


Roxanne Langan, Scarlett Rose, Bobbi Finley, Shelley Swanland, Terri Thayer, Sally Collins, Lyn Mann, Jill Schumaker, Trish Stuart, Nancy Bavor, Silvia Pippen


Vikki Pignatelli, Nancy Brown, Mary Lou Weideman, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Frieda Anderson, Lynn Koolish, Carol Taylor, Karen Eckmeier, Thom Atkins, Laura Nownes, Jeanette Meyer


Judy Mullen, Esterita Austin, Don Linn, Melinda Bula, Tracey Brookshier, Brenda Hennings, Rosalie Dace, Dale Fleming, Melody Crust, Sandy Turner, Ann Fahl


Barbara Olson, Eva Henneberry, Robbi Joy Eklow, Norah McMeeking, Superior Threads, Lura Schwarz Smith, Ways & Means Boutique/Member Flea Market, Gabrielle Swain, Rose Hughes, Colleen Wise, Nancy Chong


Nancy Brenan Daniel, Jodi Barrows, Mary Stori, Paula Nadelstern, Marjan Kluepfel, Mark Lipinski, Laura Wasilowski, Jennie Rayment, Wendy Butler Berns, Marie Strait, Pam Holland


Linda MacDonald, Ami Simms, Sandi Cummings, Cynthia England, Jan Krentz , Billie Lauder, Miriam Nathan Roberts, Mickey Depre , Shelly Burge, Deborah Caffrey


Jeannie Oliveria, Peggy Martin, Judy Mathieson, Marcia Stein, Paula Reid , Velda Newman, Cathie Hoover, Judy Dains, Christine Barnes , Annie Smith, Laurie Shifrin

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