The Marin Retreat: A Vacation For Your Senses

The SCVQA Marin retreat offers the perfect place to sew, have great food and enjoy many natural sights. It’s a great way to interact with 25 creative and fun-loving guild members. Our retreat location, The Marin NatureBridge, is a decommissioned military base nestled in the Marin Headlands. Our home-away-from-home is the Sunset Lodge where we sew and socialize to our heart’s content.

The views from the Sunset Lodge are what make this location so special, with mountains to the right and the Pacific ocean to the left, what more inspiration do you need? There is also some good eye candy as the surfers come and go.

The only schedule you need to keep is for meals and you don’t want to be late for them! Meals are served buffet style in the dining hall. The chefs are wonderful and do a good job of catering to us. The Head Chef and Sous Chef had their training at Culinary Institute of America. Favorites include pork roast, the best cream of mushroom soup, and wonderful cheese blitzes. There is always fresh fruit and a salad bar.

Most of us sleep in one large dorm room with bunk beds. For an additional fee there are also a few small dorms that offer semi private rooms with bunk beds. We use a community bathroom and sometimes we share the dorm with other guests. The sleeping quarters are adequate but are not the main attraction. We recommend that you bring ear plugs.

I hope you will consider joining us. Please contact the Marin Retreat Coordinator, Diane Ammon, with questions.

Here's how to sign up

The next retreat will be sometime in March, 2017. Sign ups will be accepted starting sometime in December 2016.

  1. Read the Marin Retreat Policy.
  2. Send your check, made out to SCVQA, directly to Diane Ammon. Include your check and the Marin Retreat Form, which will be available in SCVQA's Valley Quilter newsletter.

Space is limited and you don't want to miss out on this kind of fun!